Are you a professional who needs to deliver a presentation during a business meeting? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you have come to the right destination. RAC is always delighted to offer desktops and laptops on rental basis. Apart from the system, you can always think about equipment of reputed brands. These include Dell, Lenovo, HP and popular brands. Renting a laptop lets you try out latest technologies and updated equipment. You also help yourself controlling expenses when you save money on essential purchases.
Based on your choice and preferences, RAC is always happy to offer a laptop for rent. As for the price or the rent, our team never adds hidden charges. The pricing depends on which type of equipment you need. Moreover, it’s also based on the rental contract duration and residual life.
With RAC, you can drive away doubts pertaining to quality. Our professionals thoroughly check the system before shipping it to the desired destination. Since we have branches across Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata and Pune, we are able to offer services to any location across India.
Once you hand over your needs, you can avail the services without being skeptical. Just as it’s with any other model, you can expect higher resolution along with the desired screen size. Moreover, you can request for a system with the desired hardware and software specifications. Whenever required, we also furnish you with Microsoft OS and Microsoft Application Software under Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA). We are nothing but service providers who hold license for eligible software products.
If you are seeking a laptop on rent, then you can either think about long term or short term service. The duration could either be as short as 1 day or even longer than 3 years. Surely, we would help you find the way with the right model you need for a stipulated time span.
Contact RAC anytime even when you wish want us to equip you with a laptop in Mumbai. Depending on your budget, we would happy to serve you in a better way.

How to Contact us:

Address: RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
408 / 409, 4th Floor,
Parle Square, Monghibai Road,
Above Big Bazaar Mall,
Vile Parle (East), Mumbai 400057

Contact No: +91 – 2233251000

Contact Person :Rushabh Shah


Author: racitsolutionsblog

Our Target/Mission is to supply computers/IT Hardware on rental to all A+ companies present in India with the best possible prices.

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