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Printers on Rental – Racwg

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RAC is perhaps India’s first IT Rental Company to have multiple branches at prime locations. RAC Group, with its Corporate Office at Mumbai and branches at Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, New Delhi (NCR), Chennai and Hyderabad, constantly strives to live up to its motto of providing exceptional customer satisfaction.


Things You Need To Consider Before Selecting A Dedicated Server

As many companies switch to servers, it’s important to decide on the right hosting provider. So, apart from considering the hardware configuration, here a few things you must go through.
Impact of downtime
When you select a dedicated server, you should know how to take of downtime. If everything is over the cloud, then the set-up can keep your away from the consequences owing to hardware failure. But, since the failure would be observed with just one server, then you should accept downtime any time later. This should be taken into consideration when you don’t have the option of using multiple dedicated servers.

Do make sure if you can add more servers when you are choosing a dedicated server. However, you might face issues when the database is running on different servers. It might also be easier to shift the database to a server with high storage capacity, processing speed and RAM. As for the cloud environment, you can introduce a load balancer which redirects traffic to multiple servers. This could be the best option for the workplace even when you have set up servers on rent in Mumbai.

Performance of the server
Once you have finalized the number of users and how many servers you need, it’s better to take care of the configuration. Depending on the application, you must select the processor without overlooking the number of cores. Embrace DDR4-technology which can boost the overall performance. Besides, when it comes to hard drives, you should choose the RAID set-up.

Network quality
Finally, once the dedicated server is in its place, you shouldn’t forget to consider the location. You must select the right continent based on the region where your clients have established themselves. For better data quality, you must test the network quality and read the Network Operation Center pages carefully.

Do avail the best dedicated servers on rent if you can’t afford to spend much on setting up the network.


Benefits Of Using Cctv Cameras

There are many reasons why surveillance cameras have gained popularity in the market. So, before you plan to buy any other system, you could decide after going through the benefits of CCTV cameras

Helps to monitor staff

Once the CCTV cameras are installed inside an office, managers can always check what teams are up to. This can easily be done right from the comfort of the cabin. In case if he finds that the department is inefficient, then he can shuffle teams at any instance.

Saves money

It’s actually better to install surveillance cameras for inspecting numerous locations. You would only need to hire security officers who would be taking care of the CCTV system. The top management team would no longer need to invest time in increasing the manpower.

Home Security

Apart from commercial locations and industries, residents can always be protected by using CCTV cameras. The system aids security guards to hunt down trespassers near the parking area or around lawns. Besides, the cameras help in observing maids who visit apartments for completing household chores. Families feel safer when they are protected from thefts. In case you can’t afford to send money, then go for CCTV cameras on rent.

Aids to record happenings

When cameras are set up in residential areas, the authorities are empowered to monitor the premises. They can keep a watch if there’s something mysterious in the area. Moreover, once intruders are aware of the system, households can expect a decrease in criminal activities

Monitor busy streets

Apart from companies and residents, CCTV cameras are also used by the government. This helps in regulating traffic and check the behavior of individuals at places like restaurants, auditoriums, and flea markets. The footage can be referred in future in case robbers have stolen expensive items from a local store.

Finally, before winding up, we would suggest you to avail CCTV camera on rent. You can find the best companies as you start searching online.