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Are you seeking for audio visual equipment when you need to prepare for a business meeting or a conference? If, that’s the question on your mind, then you can find audio visual equipment on rent with RAC. Purchasing audio equipment might lead to worries especially when you can’t invest money. But, approaching RAC can save time and give you a peace of mind.

Once you have transpired the requirements, we deliver the right kind of equipment in a short time span. We deal in projectors, surveillance cameras, and CCTV systems. In case you plan to go for a projector, then you can source it at a competitive price and avail various audio visual equipment rental services. RAC offers technical support whenever the need arises.

Apart from projectors, RAC offers several surveillance cameras according to the location and the needs. You can place a request for variants like wireless and wired, colored, or black and white versions. While horizontal resolution of 700 lines helps to deliver dynamic quality, you can consider going for 24 hours surveillance with the help of IR cameras. Every CCTV is furnished with the 3-Axis mechanism for a 36- degree angle rotation and adjustable viewing coverage area. RAC assures you with privacy when motion detection is the prime concern. With 3.6 mm and 6 mm lens, you can also take the advantage of wide angle coverage.

CCTV camera is yet another gadget that RAC deals in. You can either opt for high resolution cameras or the ones which aid you capture views in different modes. Besides, we provide DVRs in addition to monitors. So, why waste time at the market? Think about AV equipments on rent when you get in touch with RAC.

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